False Positive

Security programs may occasionally mistakenly identify a legitimate program or file as harmful. This is known as a False Positive.

F-Secure DeepGuard

If WinISO 7 fails to start and displays an error message saying “Entry Point Not Found”, it is very likely that F-Secure DeepGuard is preventing it from running due to a false positive.

Entry Point Not Found
WinISO.exe - Entry Point Not FoundWinISO.exe - Einsprungpunkt nicht gefunden
The procedure entry point ” ” could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files\WinISO 7\WinISO.exe.Der Prozedureinsprungpunkt ” ” wurde in der DLL “C:\Program Files\WinISO 7\WinISO.exe” nicht gefunden.

F-Secure DeepGuard is enabled by default with F-Secure’s products. To resolve this issue, we recommend adding WinISO 7 to the exclusion list in the settings of DeepGuard.

F-Secure DeepGuard Exclusion List